"If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older" ~ Tom Stoppard

Capturing a spectrum of emotions, all in shades of grey, Adelaide’s Simone Hanckel is a fine art photographer who’s work breathes new life into a sombre medium.
— Digital Photography Australia - May 2011

I joke all the time that I had a 'Famous Five' type of childhood. My sisters and I adventured, imagined and dreamt our way through that period of our lives and I've always felt that we were given the greatest gift. I dearly wish I had a time machine and could go back and record how life looked in that sparkly beach village where we would build cubbies, ride our bikes to the beach or spend all weekend playing with the neighbourhood kids. 

I am your time machine. I will talk to you about what makes your kids come alive and then we'll go somewhere gorgeous and meaningful and give them the best day of their lives. We might end up muddy, covered in duck poop and slightly hangry (bring snacks!), but we'll have had the coolest day ever and your kids will end up with that precious glimpse into their childhood that they will never take for granted. They'll be fighting you for these photos when they leave home, I swear.





Kids are so extraordinarily brilliant at living in the moment. The most incredible photographs come from letting them do their own thing. Blink and you'll miss out on this incredible opportunity for your own family.

Let me capture their childhood in stylish, timeless and emotive black and white photographs.