The sweetest surprise

Sometimes the beautiful things a couple will do for each other, and their family, blows me away. I got a phone call from Romi asking if we could surprise his beautiful girl with a pregnancy sitting for her birthday and my heart just melted. What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do, and what an amazing surprise for Natasha!

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Nine kinds of Crazy

Nine cousins, all various ages and personalities, a farm, a footy and some of the loveliest people I've ever had the fortune to meet in my travels. I felt at home immediately and the kids were AWESOME! We had the coolest afternoon and what we created together was incredibly special.

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Winter in the Barossa

Brooke and I had a ball last week, romping around their property, laughing at the puppy, freezing by the creek and at the last minute, being enveloped by fog! It all made for some incredible photographs that not only show how beautifully Brooke does pregnancy, but also the gorgeousness of the Barossa town that is Bethany. 

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These photographs are a love letter to my darling friends and their beautiful babies. I can't express how excited I am for you that darling Katara is in your lives and I'm really looking forward to watching her grow. All my love to you all. 

Simone xx

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It's been such a long time since I last blogged, for which there is no excuse, but Daylight Savings and its longer, sun-filled days has brought with it a restlessness that I get every year...that call of the ocean that entices me down to smell the salt air and let the winds lure me out to sea. I spent a good deal of my childhood living in a tiny sea-side village, going to sleep to the sound of the waves pounding, smelling salt and pine on the air, longing for the sea-breezes to come in around three in the afternoon to whistle through the house, cooling us down just in time for dinner. I visibly relax when I hit the beach, it's my natural habitat, inspiration and sanctuary. 


Over the last decade, so many of my favourite photographs have been taken at the beaches around Adelaide. From Port Willunga to Largs Bay, the gentle shoreline has given me so much joy as I've recorded families enjoying themselves. We've delighted to see moon-rises, King tides, dolphins, kite-surfers, a lot of crazy seagulls, windy days (where we're nearly blown to Kangaroo Island!) and a LOT of incredible sunsets. The ocean is mercurial, giving us a different mood every day, which is of course, the best part.  



I hope my love of the beach shines through these photographs and inspires you to consider having your very own, one-of-a-kind piece of art featuring your own beautiful children. Nothing shows how lucky we have it in this country than a photo of your child enjoying our incredible beaches. Book now to secure your appointment.

Simone x


Sunday afternoons

I loved photographing Sona and her beautiful family in the gorgeous Rymill Park. Sona is a fellow photographer and it's an enormous privilege to be asked to capture her family in stunning artwork that is going to look amazing on their walls. 

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