A new site!!

Finally, after months of agonising over how to make my site match the studio...I finally got it together and a new site is born :) I'm loving it muchly, and hope you all will too :) www.simonehanckel.com.au

To celebrate, the first person to book on seeing the new site (I'll ask a tricky question..so you'll have to study it!...just kidding), will receive a complimentary 8x10 inch print of their choice with their order, and a spot in the featured sitting part to show off their photographs.

And...just because it's a wasted post without a photo...a pic of my boys. It's on the site (maybe that should be the question...like Where's Wally! ), but I wanted to show it in it's full glory. I love this shot to bits.

xo Simone

Simone Hanckel Photography - child