A passionate career | blog carnival

It's blog carnival time again, and the topic this month is Love and Passion. It seemed obvious..create a post showing how passionately my beautiful families love each other. Easy! However this month's post coincided with something that was about me. A career milestone that I wanted to talk about anyway and one that is the reward of living a life with passion. Last week, with a group of fantastic and talented South Australian photographers, I went to Perth to attend a national conference and the annual awards judging. This year was special, as I was finally able to submit a portfolio to be judged in order to attain my 'Master of Photography' status. It all seemed too daunting though. I had too much on my plate, a newsletter to compose, orders to organise, children to chase around with a camera... but I managed it, pulling together the portfolio of prints required in order to go for my Masters. This process has been a long one, with three years of consistent and nerve wracking print judging, countless prints submitted, a lot of lovely awards along the way and a very healthy understanding of my gifts and failings as a photographer. It wasn't something I could miss to put the final stamp on it all, and of course I'm very glad I did. We had to submit 12 images, and at least 10 of them had to be awarded a silver merit or above. I'm beyond proud to say I did it and can now wear the mantle of Master Photographer with pride :)  Below is a selection of the prints entered, with some of them being amongst my favourites ever.

Simone Hanckel Photography - Award Winning Master Photographer

Making your living out of something you're passionate about can be amazing and enviable (although not without it's challenges!). I get told all the time how blessed I am, and it's very very true. I love nothing more than recording an element of childhood that will forever remind that family of what life with young children was like. It's the most amazing job I can think of, and perfectly tailored to my strengths. My love of interior design, child psychology, art, black and white photography and spending time with lovely people have all converged into this incredible career. I don't take any of this for granted and can't wait to see what the next major goal will bring. My thanks go out to the families that are my inspiration, and without this sounding too much like a cheesy acceptance speech, this is for Maria. One of our last conversations was about how thrilled she was for me about my career, and one of the photos of her and her daughters won an award that contributed to this journey. I know she's cheering me on :)

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Simone (Master Photographer! :)  ) xo