A quick one

Simone Hanckel Photography - Fine Art

with my latest favourite. This is Mya, four weeks old, and such a sweetie.  She was incredibly tired, wee-ed all over the mini-mink, but did such a good job for the camera before conking out in Dad's arms. This is my favourite shot :) Love the little wrinkly bits!

he layout of Mya's pic is an example of a 'fine art print'. The idea being that one beautiful 'stand alone' image can work as a piece of art for your walls. These look amazing as a print by itself which can be a feature, or perhaps end up in the baby's room, or in a series of three down a hall or over a mantle. The beauty of the fine art print is that they can be moved around, added to over time, used as an ongoing series over the family's life etc. It's a look that doesn't work for every image, but when it does, it's striking :)

Cheers Simone