It feels like ages since I've posted here, and it's no surprise with how busy the last few months have been. So, I'm poking my head out to show off a few latest favourites, before I disappear beneath the mountain of work again! Roll on Christmas Day :o) This is a sneak preview of my new Christmas window photos... This family was so inspiring, and so lovely to let me fulfil a dream of taking a newborn down to the beach. The photos we got were beyond my wildest dreams, so thank you so much Mary and Ricky!

For the technically minded out there, these sittings were both held on fairly sunny (and yes, windy) days, around midday. I set myself a challenge to make the harsh midday sun work, and really love the results. Of course, having an adult that will stand where you want them to makes all the difference! I'd defy anyone to do this with a toddler :o)

Simone Hanckel Photography - pregnancy
Simone Hanckel Photography - Pregnancy

and the one that will be the showstopper in the window (I love this image sooo much)

with baby Joseph...

Simone Hanckel Photography - baby

My goal will be to move to more newborn work like this, so if you're interested in something outside the norm, more conceptual, and a piece of art to celebrate this new little life, please call for a chat. I'd love to hear from you :o)

xo Simone