Christmas in July - A gift for those of you who also love Winter!

I was driving out this morning to do the school run and felt like I was in England on a crisp wintery (ok...more like summery over there!) morning, and realised how much I was itching to get my camera out to shoot in that moody, quiet fog. I feel like this every year. There is a paddock at the end of the street of my son's school that has horses in it, and it's an incredible scene on foggy mornings to see the horses peeping out of the mist. What I'd give for a brave soul to tramp around with me one morning to get, what I know will be, an amazing shot. No point asking my kids, they're well and truly over the whole photo taking palaver! What I want, is to find like minded winter-lovers like myself, and offer them something special. If they book between now and July 31st, they will receive an 11x14 inch print with their sitting (valued at $350). Imagine a photograph on your wall with those beautiful bare, sculptural trees, the incredible, silvery winter light, and your children being their gorgeous selves. Actually will someone come and take that photo of my kids for me???!!

I look forward to hearing from all of you that love rugging up in scarves and boots and enjoy a rosy-cheeked wander outside in winter. If we're smart we can do it somewhere that has a pub with a roaring fire nearby! Call me on 83402838, or email

xo Simone