Four Zero

sim08 Yikes!! Last year I had an exclusive birthday special, with the promise that I'd do something this year as well, as it's the big 40! Well, to celebrate the denial, horror and grey hairs that being 40 means, I've decided to essentially repeat last year's offer. This year I'm offering for my former clients to purchase their session prints in two different sizes. Either all of them in 4x6 for $450, or all in 5x7 for $550. My clients will know this is an enormous saving. This offer is open to those who have ordered from their sitting already, and it's restricted to one shoot only per set. If you've had more than one sitting, you can buy each set individually of course!

This offer is open from now until July 14, which is my actual birthday so if I don't respond on that day it's because I'm at the pub ;)

Contact me on 83402838 or

Simone xo