This month's 'blog carousel' entry is about images that use framing. We're not talking about the wood and glass combo around the photo, but the use of elements within the image to 'frame' your subject. This is something I do a lot, often instinctually rather than deliberately, as I use the environment in my photography more often than not. Clients will see me start to hyperventilate when I see an arbor or gorgeous window! To illustrate how I use framing in my work, I couldn't go past this one favourite image. I took this probably six or seven years ago now, with my beloved Mamiya C220 TLR (techy speak for camera as old as I am!) and *gasp* film...and it remains one of my most loved, and most commented on images. I've even had the funniest comment to date about this photograph. I was exhibiting at a parenting expo, had this proudly big on canvas on the wall behind me, and one lady stopped, pulled me aside and told me it was a shame I hadn't waited until the kids stopped playing to take the picture. Hmmm....

So, without further ado, the photo. Affectionately known as The Twirly Girls.

Simone Hanckel Photography

[caption id="attachment_341" align="aligncenter" width="850" caption="Simone Hanckel Photography"][/caption]

The opportunity to see how this extremely talented group of photographers interprets one theme is fantastic! Please visit the next stop on this blog carousel, the gorgeous Tara McGlinchey NJ and NYC Baby, Child and Family Photographer :)

Simone xo