Happy Mother's Day

My mother's day has been lovely. I woke up to a little boy giving me a beautiful laminated drawing he'd done for me, with all the reasons he loves me written on it. The other little boy gave me something similar, with a picture of me on it too! Sob!! I. am. so. blessed.

To all the mums out there that are having their first mother's day, their umpteenth day, spending today pregnant waiting to hold their baby in their arms, to the mums that are missing their mum...or baby, to those that are hoping to conceive this year, or the mothers that are just going about the day as if it was normal...taking care of it all as usual. A huge hug and thanks for letting me be part of your lives. Happy Mother's Day :o)

Our attempts at self-portraits! Very blurry!

Kisses from Morgan...

Simone Hanckel Photography - Mother's Day

and from Toby :o)

Simone Hanckel Photography - Mother's Day