Happy New Year!

Holy wow, it's been six months since my last blog post! For anyone who knows me, neglecting a chance to talk will be a surprise and prompt them to wonder if I'm ok. 

I'm more than OK. This last year has been a period of hunkering down and letting a whole new life dance its way into being. Life truly turns on a dime sometimes and I could only have dreamt of the changes that came my way in 2016.

My oldest son, Morgan, finished Year 12 (how did that happen??) which meant my mum instincts had to be on high alert for when he might venture out of his cave and need me. He managed to keep his cool and get through it and we can all breathe for a bit now! He is about to turn 18 and I could not be prouder of the beautiful man I grew. 



Taking a quieter year meant that I could step up onto a larger stage professionally and take on the role of the South Australian State President of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. I've served on the State Council on and off for years but it came around to be my turn to take the helm and it's daunting but rewarding. We have a strong and passionate community of photographers in our state and it's an honour to represent them. I've also invested a lot of time co-running seminars with a talented photographer colleague to help educate new photographers on the basics of running a business. I've surprised myself with how much I've enjoyed it, and as is always the case with these things, how much I've learnt along the way. 

Last but not least, my boys and I took the biggest leap of all and we moved in with my darling Chris, the man that has quietly and lovingly changed my life forever. We're now a raucous blended family of seven (plus a cat  & four chooks!) and could not be happier. (Doesn't Chris look fetching in all that polyester?! My hair apparently went white overnight. I blame the chooks. ;) )


So where to from here? A quieter year has meant that I've had a lot of time to really consider what I want to do as a photographer. I have two great passions...photographing love and connection, and interior design. To that end, I'll be extending the wall design part of service to become 'Simone Hanckel  | Vignettes'. The concept has been brewing for a long time and I've come to realise that there is a real lack of help when it comes to designing and styling a wall with art. If you think this is something you'd like some help with, whether it's with my photos or just with that collection of amazing finds you're not sure what to do with, give me a call! 


I've come out of 2016 with a renewed sense of how fleeting life is. A lot of loss (I'm still teary over Prince and George Michael...and don't get me started on the divine Alan Rickman... :( ), but a lot of beautiful moments that I'm so glad I captured on camera. My passion for creating hand crafted prints and albums for generations to enjoy is at an all time high and I'm really looking forward to bringing more homes to life with the stories of the people that live within. 

Much love and a blessed 2017 to you all. 

Simone xo

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