Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone has had a safe and peaceful beginning to 2011. It's been a quiet one for us, with children at home, both boys' birthdays in one week and a lot of catching up with friends that just doesn't seem to happen when work goes back in full force. I'm still on official leave, but am getting the chance to do the odd sitting in and around looking after kids. I say that like I'm sick of them! I'm one of those rare mums that LOVE school holidays. To get to be with my sons all day is something I don't take for granted. Even when they're bored, smelly and whiny. Ok, the smelly I could live without. This year is going to be huge, with new sittings on offer, exciting new products, more concept style shoots and of course the Through the Looking Glass project. The studio is about to undergo a revamp to make it a better place to view your images and our focus on always excelling and raising the bar by entering and (hopefully) winning awards will continue. This year marks my first decade as a photographer for me, with the first baby I officially photographed turning ten in May! I'm looking forward to celebrating with my incredible clients.

I look forward to talking to you about what we have on offer, from limited edition, collectable coffee table books, to a fantastic concept in character portraits. Bookings for February are officially open, though filling fast, so call the studio on 8340 2838 to take advantage of the beautiful weather we've been blessed with. The photo below is of the most gorgeous JoJo who raced around under the sprinkler like a crazy woman, goggles and all! How nice is it to be able to put the sprinkler on for the kids again? Bliss...


Lastly, I want to extend my love and sorrow to the people of Queensland and my absolute admiration for how amazing Australians are in times of crisis. I'm a photographer because of my love of humanity and its bonds and this incredible show of compassion has been utterly moving and inspiring. Hug your babies tight and don't take life for granted. xoxoxo

Simone xo