have to start somewhere..

with a bit of news :o) Firstly, I'll be having a stall at the upcoming Parenting Australia Expo, held July 14-16 a the Ridley Pavillion - Wayville Showgrounds. I'll be showing a good deal of my work (probably too much, I'm boggled looking at it myself) and be available to talk to families about what they want from their photographs. I always have a ball at these things, it's great fun to talk to people and meet the kids. I hope to see you there!! This winter has been great for photographs so far! It's been cold for sure, but the amazing skies and crisp dry days have been brilliant for outdoor sittings. I know a lot of people aren't sure about getting photographs taken in winter, but it really is such a great time for it. Nothing sweeter than a child bundled up in winter woolies too, they look fantastic in black and white. Here are a few I took of my own boys (a rare occasion!) on the beach, and at a farm up in Wistow (thanks again Kristy!). I just love this time of year, I must be a 'winter' person. My goal this winter is to catch the fog we've been having on the Adelaide plains, I need to start taking my camera with me when I'm out and about. I'll add some more if I do :o) Thanks for reading, back soon!