It's done!

The Parenting Expo is over :o) It was intense, but a great opportunity to meet people, so a huge hi to all those people I got to speak to over the weekend! My voice has gone now, and my feet are aching, but it was well worth it. THankyou to everyone who commented on my work, my face also hurts from smiling and saying thankyou ;o)

So it's straight back into it, enjoying what is left of the winter shoots. Winter is such a beautiful time for photographs, it seems to suit my style so well. The skies are dramatic, the light is crisp and pure, and the kids bundled up in winter woollies are just so cute! Working indoors in winter is lovely too, the kids are usually full of beans from being cooped up so we get some great action stuff. If you're waiting for summer, don't! There is so much beauty in a winter sitting. Here is one of my favourites of this season...

Simone Hanckel Photography - Winter