It's blog carnival time and for this round the theme is 'laughter'. An easy one, you'd think, but there is a phenomena we see as children's photographers where kids are trained to give a hideous grimace for the camera from a VERY young age! I recently had a baby do it! That was disconcerting to say the least... :) I always tell the kids, 'You're not allowed to laugh until it's funny' and then we get on with getting to know each other. Parents know that the children will take a while to warm up, and often leap in to 'help' but I love it when the kids slowly reveal themselves to me and end up smiling and laughing purely because what we're doing is fun. That's when the magic happens. This is Rose and her baby sister Eliza. We took the first photos at the pregnancy shoot and Rose stole the show! I love that we have a record of life before her sister arrived, it's a whole new world afterwards :)

Simone Hanckel Photography - Pregnancy

and for her baby sister. Less giggly of course, but completely 'awwww' worthy. Rose is besotted :)

Simone Hanckel Photography - Baby

Next on the blog carnival to visit is Los Angeles Baby and Children's Photographer Je Neuhaus, done in her signature classic style :) Keep going from blog to blog to see what some of the best of the world's children's photographers are doing. It's worth the trip.

Simone xo