Firstly, Happy Valentine's Day! I know Valentine's Day gets a bad rap in Australia, but I tend to think that any day that gives you the excuse to tell someone that you love them is a good thing. Always :) Don't argue, just do it! Today is the perfect day to talk about my Love Letters sittings. These gorgeous concept shoots are based around your child's character, quirks and favourite things and make an incredible keepsake. There are two rules for this sitting, the kids have to dress themselves (the more outlandish the better!) and they have to be able to tell me about their family, their lives and their favourites. If it were my own kids (who are sadly too old for this now at 12 and 9!!) it would have been a crazy combo outfit of Batman suit, tool belt, gumboots and a mask, coupled with a long story about how Batman is better than Spiderman because he has a cool car. :) This opportunity to photograph the kids as they are, without being all dressed up and perfect is just amazing. They relax, tell me their secrets and dreams, perform, dance, and in the case of the superheroes...leap! We get a photograph and accompanying prose that is your child in a nutshell at that age. Glorious chaos and all.

This is Poppy, who is four and wanted desperately to get under the sprinkler with the others but got shy and hesitant. Her little belly is what makes this photo for me, it's just divine.


A Love-Letter sitting has to be booked and planned for, so let me know on booking if this is the kind of thing you'd like. Our Love-Letter prints begin at 20x30 inches (poster size) and come either block-mounted or on canvas. They look amazing in your child's room as a reminder of that gorgeous stage when the world was new and exciting :) This is their Love-Letter to you xoxo

Simone xoxo