My favourite 11 photos of the last 11 years...

Last year I mentioned in my newsletter (have you signed up for the newsletter? You can do so here! ) that May signified 10 years as a photographer. This year marks 11 years of course, but this year comes with a specialness to the anniversary that wasn't there in previous years. This is utterly personal, and more than I tend to share here on my blog, but 11 years ago, on Mothers Day ( also May 13), I should have had my second child. We lost that baby fairly early on in the pregnancy though and while I was pretty philosophical about the loss, knowing that he or she had been due on Mothers Day meant that the day would loom with a lot of the commercial fanfare and a great deal of pain. My oldest son was 2 and I did what I could to make the day about him, but it was a tough one nevertheless. We went on to have Toby of course and the story ended happily with the most insanely amazing children on the planet (not biased at all!), but as with any loss, there is always a 'what if' attached. What I didn't realise, is that what was born that Mothers Day was my beautiful career. I knew I loved photography, I had photographed my first little subject the week before, and it was a small dream deep down in my heart to create a great business from this new passion, but I didn't know that I was actually birthing a different type of child. One that I'd nurture, sculpt, be proud of and exasperated with in equal measure, and that would bring me just as much joy and fulfillment as my two incredible sons. They do say there is a silver lining to every cloud.

I've tossed up many ideas on how to promote my business for Mothers Day. I've gone over specials, promotions and ideas to the nth degree, but in the end what I love most about my business, and want to promote, is that people hire me because they love what I do and they want me as part of their family as they grow. I am their photographer for life. So in celebrating what Mothers Day means to me, I wanted to share my favourite eleven photos of the last eleven years. Many of which feature clients that have become firm friends over the years as we've shared the journey of parenthood together. I'd love you to help my business grow by sharing this post with people you know feel the same way you do about being a parent, and I'd love it even more if you would invite me in to photograph your own family with a bit of my magic.

These photos are favourites for many different reasons, so I'll be putting them on Facebook as well to be able to describe each one and give a glimpse behind the scenes. This is the beauty of a photograph, there is always a depth to it that someone outside the family might not know that makes it all the more meaningful for the children in it. I'd love for you to visit and comment on them.

My 12th year will bring change with a new brand, new opportunities and hopefully lots of new families to get to know. I can't wait.

Happy Mothers Day. For all the mothers, not just those that get to hold their babies.

Simone xo