Renew and refresh!

You know that feeling when you move house and you get very excited about the fresh start and getting to decorate and organise everything in a new way...and then you realise you've dragged all of your clutter with you and it ends up in boxes in the spare room for two years? Yeah...that! I had the germ of an idea to redo my website about a year ago, focusing more on photos of childhood than my usual pregnancy/newborn/child kind of thing. I want anyone looking at my photos to feel nostalgic and suddenly desperate to take their kids out to catch tadpoles or to swing on the Hills Hoist :) I think I did it! I feel like each photo on here gives a glimpse into a child's life and how they see the! That was a mammoth task

However, with that comes the realisation that a lot of these photos were never owned by the families. They chose the ones they loved from the sitting and they enjoy them, but there are precious memories sitting on my fragile hard drives that could disappear in the etherealness of digital technology and be gone forever. Indeed, some of them already have because 15 years in business is going to see some casualties. 


So I decided I wanted to get these photos into the hands of my clients. I have a very special deal on offer that is available for a very short time only. You can purchase a Session Album of your sitting for only $500 (normally $1500). If you have more than one sitting and would like to combine them into one album, each additional sitting is $250 extra. This album works out to be virtually done at cost with my time and materials and is the absolute last chance to own these photos. My hard drives will be purged and only the images that have been purchased will be archived for your insurance. It'll be sad to let them go, but the stress involved in maintaining drives just to keep photographs that really should be enjoyed by the families is too much. Losing a drive last year gave me a very scary few days and so much grey hair that my hairdresser is now reaping the rewards... ;)

If you're keen to purchase your album, contact me on 0403224509 before July 9th, 2016 Your album will be custom designed and you will have a choice of a charcoal or caramel coloured linen cover. Payment is due on ordering and only clients with orders that have been finalised will be eligible.