So...there is a game going on in the photography blog world where you have to tell 8 things people might not otherwise know about you. That will be hard because I like to talk, but we'll give it a burl hey?


1. I'm not the holiday type. I like having time off, I love girls weekends, visiting other cities, but as far as sitting on the beach with a drink and a book, I'd rather not. I put it down to the fact that this was exactly how I spent my childhood, I lived in a coastal holiday village, but I think it's more to do with the fact that I like to socialise and I'm a bit of an info junkie (and shopper LOL) I'd far rather be at local markets, a historical site, at a long lunch with friends, at the movies etc.  Makes it hard that I'm married to a die-hard fisherman type!

2. I would have loved to have had 4 kids, that was my goal, and I always wanted to have two, and then another two a while later. Time is ticking on that (Toby is nearly 6),  but I think that ship has sailed. I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to be around babies and children for work, it's made it all easier :o)

3. My favourite movie is Phenomenon (with John Travolta...another favourite).

4. I'm a terrible school mum.I find school notices, diaries, schedules, assemblies etc just so hard to get my head around.I need a secretary for those things alone. I'm sure I'm not the only one either...

5. I became allergic to cats at 16, weirdly because I'd always had cats up until then. We bought a Burmese cat because they're supposed to be less allergenic, and it's true! I sneeze occasionally if I've been loved up by Anakin, but it's nothing compared to a regular moggie. Yay! Love cats :o)

6. On the cat topic, I've always had cats with stupid names. I think it's a waste to call your cat something conventional when there are some fantastic alternatives. When I was a kid we had a Pussy Poo Poo (don't ask), Caramel Snowball (my sister chose that), and most famously we had (or rather have, at the grand old age of 20) Kaboobi. Named after the flying camel in the cartoon Shazzan. Points are awarded if you know remember Kaboobi and what noise he made. LOL ;o) My current cat is Anakin, named so because we got him the weekend the last Star Wars movie came out. My boys were Star Wars crazy at the time, so it was very appropriate and a reminder of that little phase of their lives for as long as Anakin doesn't get himself run over. He has a thing for sunbaking in the middle of the road.... He's also been known to transform into Darth Vader from time to time. The name fits.

7. I love scary movies, but not the blood and guts types. I like the supernatural thriller types, and the scarier the better. Even better when watched with a friend who loves them as much as I do. She lives in Melbourne though so we cram a few in whenever we're together. Here's a hot tip though, DON'T rent Silent Hill. It's two hours of my life I can't get back.

8. I used to have issues with my eyesight, long sighted in one eye and short sighted in the other. Since I became a photographer I have neither issue! My eyesight has improved, which proves the old 'use it or lose it' I think :o)

I'm sure you're all fascinated now ;o) Back to normal programming...Oh, and I'm meant to pass on this to some other photographers, but everyone I know has it already! Sorry!!