Through the Looking Glass


I'm excited to announce a really special project. It's been rattling around my head for a while to do a book on what it's like to be a child in Adelaide. A selection of the memories and locations that are iconically South Australian. This book will explore what makes an Adelaide childhood unique, from apple picking in the Hills, to swinging on a Hills Hoist, to a milkshake in the Central Markets. We'll be shooting very conceptually, with a nostalgic feel (hence the title!) so the families that come onboard with the project will be contributing some ideas that they felt were part of their own youth. We'll be discovering our town through the eyes of the children, and creating images with an iconic and emotive feel. The book will be an amazing piece of art in itself, and the plan is to launch the project with an exhibition of the individual images at my studio/gallery.

How to be involved? Call the studio to arrange your sitting and we'll start planning a shoot that will suit the project, and incorporate some of your own stories. Our standard sitting fees apply, and for participating you will receive a limited edition copy of the book (and my undying love and affection!).

I look forward to hearing about those things that make you feel like a kid, and being inspired.

Simone xo