Twas the night before Christmas

Simone Hanckel Photography

and the Hanckel household is all still up at 9:30 pm! I think we're all too excited :) I didn't get to organise my Christmas cards this year, every year it gets harder and harder, so I'm adding a photo I took of Morgan and Toby in October. The days are fast approaching that they won't sit still for me ever again, so I make the most of it when I can! This will have to do as a virtual Christmas card :)

As something extra, I wanted to add this gorgeous video that went viral a few weeks back. Anyone who's seen how a portrait sitting goes with children will understand why my mouth was hanging open at the sheer cleverness of this! They're all so gorgeous and co-operative. I'd love to see the out-takes!!


I want to wish everyone a beautiful and blessed Christmas, and a fantastic 2012. Much love to you all.

Simone xo