We're moving!!


It's all been hush-hush for a little while, but the latest exciting news is that I'm moving! The business has grown at a rapid rate over the last three years and has seen me struggling to be at the studio enough to get the work done! There have been many all-nighters spent there, countless days where my boys have had to sit quietly in the back room and wait for mum to finish and just too many times I wish I could have had the doors open to make the most of the weekends and school holidays, but being on location and trying to see my children from time to time has meant something had to change!

So, the solution became really clear. Move the whole she-bang back home (just around the corner) and add the ability to use my little walled garden as a divine little garden studio in addition to the beautiful location sittings I offer. This part is what excites me the most! The opportunity to do sweet and simple mini-sessions in my own space will be so welcomed. I know a lot of clients will love it and I will too. Right now the garden is a 'work in progress' (no sniggering from those who've seen it recently!) but it's a fantastic blank canvas to create a gorgeous little space that would be a child's dream to play in. All maximised for the best photographs :)

As a bonus side effect, I'll get to go back to doing all ordering appointments in your homes again. I absolutely love doing this, I'm the frustrated interior designer type, and will really relish the ability to help you create beautiful and meaningful photographic displays in your home, with all the information we need at hand. My clients love this service, it makes the whole process far easier and can introduce ideas and concepts that are incredibly unique and personal.

I'm scheduled to move from the studio before the end of March, so if you want to pop in one last time to say hi, get in fast! I'd love to see you :)