Meet Simone

It has always been my intention to write. Many times over the years I've gone to write something significant, but always found it a struggle to get it out. I knew I had stories to tell and lives to highlight, but it wasn't until I picked up a camera that I found my voice. Photography, and in particular, black and white photography, gives my thoughts and ideas an outlet. It expresses my interest in humanity in my own way, and hopefully inspires others to see life as I do for a moment. The decision to shoot only in black and white evolved very quickly. Black and white strips away the splashiness of colour for me, to reveal the soul of the subject. It is the quiet, emotion-filled, extra-ordinary view of the child and for that alone it makes the most powerful medium I know. I hope my journey with the camera conveys the story I intend, that our life together is precious and these moments are fleeting. 

Over the past few years a lot of my energy has gone towards honing and perfecting my craft through education and competition. As a result I achieved the status of Master Photographer in 2011, and won the coveted AIPP Family Photographer of South Australia in the same year! It's been wonderful to receive the accolades, but the core reason behind doing it was to become the best I could be. That journey continues and my goal is that my amazing clients are the ones that get the real rewards with beautifully crafted photographs.


The best part of what I do is getting to explore what makes every family unique. I've always been fascinated that everyone has a story to tell. Each of these photos speaks to me of the family and who they are. Click on each photo to get a glimpse into their sitting and the reasons behind each image.