I was reminded recently that some photographs are taken, and some are 'made'. A carefully constructed photograph that manages to convey real life and real emotion has always been my goal, so I think I sit somewhere in the middle of the two notions, but lately I've felt like the work I'm doing feels like I'm 'taking' photo more than making them. It's all good, I love it both ways, but I want to head in a direction where my photographs go beyond a moment in time, and become pieces of art that anyone would appreciate as a reflection of childhood. I'd love branch out and sell limited edition, fine art pieces that will be evocative of a carefree youth and exhibit them as a series. 

The photos I'm hoping to take will explore childhood and I'm picturing a little girl dancing past me with her hair flying, siblings knee deep in a creek looking for tadpoles, or a little new reader curled up on a bed enjoying the new world that reading opens up. We all know those moments and I think we all have a few in our own memory banks. I can remember the sheer joy of lying back in the seat of my swing, hair flying, feeling like I was going to swing right around the top bar. My goal with each piece is to create an image that doesn't identify the child, but gives the viewer that sense of joy and wonder that they're experiencing. 

This means that I need some families to put up their hands as subjects! I'm looking for children that have pastimes and pursuits that they're passionate about. Whether it's soccer, or ballet, or even just riding their bikes. What makes your child light up? In our house we have a film maker, an artist/actor, a netballer, a Pokemon fiend and a nature lover!

Fill in the form below to register your interest in being a part of this project and I'll contact you to go over what we might create together. Or give me a call on 0403224509. I'm always up for a chat on the phone!

All families that participate and book by Friday March 10, 2017 will receive a signed first edition 11x14 inch Art Print of the final piece.  

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