Welcome to the Phillipson Family!

Kindred is my new VIP programme, aimed at making our families feel like...well...family!

The opportunity to make you feel special, thank you for your loyalty and love, and offer exclusive products, sittings and events is a dream come true.

Every Kindred  Family receives a complimentary sitting per year! Valued at $150. Book yours now!


To have qualified as a Kindred family, you will have done one or more of the following...

> Been photographed more than once by Simone

> Spent more than $1500 on your portraits

> Or referred Simone to a friend or family member! 

I love your support. Thank you. 


Your Kindred Gifts


Your own App!

To welcome you to the Kindred Programme, I have a very special gift for you and your family.

This link will take you to your very own app containing a selection of your own favourite photos. It can be opened onto your computer, smartphone or iPad and shared easily with family and friends through email or posting the link to Facebook or Twitter.

I will be able to add images from our shoots each time we get together so you are always up to date and ready to share. This very special product is only available to Kindred Families. 

This is the link to your download! Need help? Click here



This is the best part! Your own photos on your very own web page for you to share with family and friends. You will  be able to book a sitting, find out about special offers, the latest news and learn about new products and events before anyone else. 

I hope you love being part of the Kindred Family.